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Everyone is familiar with the Star Wars Universe. It's that galaxy far far away and this film is not only changed the world of cinema it is changed toy merchandise. Some of the most popular toys of all time include land speeders, AT-AT walkers, X-Wing fighters, the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, and so on. Now the world of toys is going to change even more as Star Wars gets into the drone business. Now you can buy a Star Wars drone to go along with all of your other Star Wars merchandise.

Star Wars toys tend to be quite collectible as there are many different toys that you can buy. They're always action figures coming out or collectible models. Sets such as Lego are very popular and there are now is Star Wars drones that you can buy.

Star Wars Drone Types

There are a couple of main classes of Star Wars drones. The first drone is a recreation of Star Wars starships. These come with their own controllers and it can fly them right out of the box. The other class of Star Wars drone that you can buy is a Star Wars battle drone set. This is where you get two or more drones and they're usually recreations of Star Wars vehicles so you can recreate all of this fun dogfight scenes from the Star Wars movies or create your.own. There are also small droids that you can control from your phone. Let's have a look at some of these drones to see what is out there in the marketplace today.

The Best Star Wars Drones Table










Best Price

Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad

Price: $179.93

3 used & new available from $170.99

Propel Star Wars Quadcopter: X Wing Collectors Edition Box

Price: $108.97

8 used & new available from $79.98

Propel Star Wars Quadcopter: Tie Fighter Collectors Edition Box

Price: $48.95

14 used & new available from $37.85

Original BB-8 by Sphero

Price: $309.97

8 used & new available from $235.00

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

Price: $249.95

11 used & new available from $225.00

The Best Star Wars Drones

Millennium Falcon


Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad

Price: $179.93

3 used & new available from $170.99

This drone from Air Hogs gives you the ultimate in Star Wars flying as you can fly the iconic starship the Millennium Falcon in your backyard. This drone has four powerful quad Motors which are concealed inside of the ship. You get authentic agile space-like flight with this drone. There is a stabilization feature gives you smooth as well as stable flight.

The remote control that comes with a drone is easy to operate as it uses 2.4 gigahertz communication. you can control the drone up to 200 feet away with this controller and also has authentic sounds and lights straight from the Star Wars Universe. You can listen to the authentic sounds of the Millennium Falcon as you pilot this drone. The device also has LED lights in the thruster area which lights up exactly like the Millennium Falcon does when it's flying. The device itself is built out of impact-resistant foam so it is impact-resistant during minor crashes. This is an authentic Star Wars drone that you're going to want to pilot.

The X-Wing is one of the major starfighters in the Starwars universe. It is the fighter that Luke Skywalker flew to destroy the Death Star and it was the backbone of the Alliance Starfighter Corps. This fighter led the attacks on Imperial installations and in the hands of a good pilot, it was equal in performance to the Imperial Tie fighters.

This is an excellent drone for anyone and up to 12 people will be able to battle at the same time. The prone flies naturally and the pilot can use the training mode to pilot this drone without major crashes. You can use the companion app for iOS or Android to help you control the Drone. You can create virtual battle events and host them. The app allows you to track your stats globally and engage with flight simulators. This is a top quality drone for anyone that loves Star Wars and the famous X-Wing.

While the regular Tie fighters in the Imperial Navy where excellent the Tie Fighter that the Darth Vader flu had heavier Firepower and more speed. It had fixed mounted twin laser blasters and it also had a cluster missile launcher. In the fighters curved wings are high-performance solar cells. The cockpit was customized to accommodate Vader and his armored suit. This is a formidable fighter for only dark lords.

This quadcopter drone can reach 35 miles per hour so it is a very fast drone. You get three-speed settings from beginner right up to advanced so you can learn how to fly with this drone or flight with ease if you are already comfortable flying drones. The controllers allow you the battle up to 12 Star Wars quadcopters at once. There is a reverse propulsion design and the altitude stabilization makes it easy to Pilot this particular drone. please read all of the documentation before you get started flying as it will make everything much easier for you.

Another popular vehicle in the Star Wars Universe is the Speeder Bike which was also called a jump speeder. This was an open-air repulser lift vehicle that had excellent maneuverability and maximized speed but less stability. There were many different speeder bikes created such as the 74-Z Speeder Bike which was in service during the Clone Wars. Scout Troopers would fly these bikes and use them to jam the comlinks of their enemy. The pilot of one of these speeder bikes was at high risk of crashing but it was better than answering to the emperor.

Up to 12 people can battle using this drone simultaneously. The drone features reverse propulsion so it's easy to fly naturally. There is a training mode so both beginners to advanced drone pilots can get used to flying this drone with ease. you can use the Android or the iOS companion app the host or create your own virtual battles. You can track your stats on a global basis. Engage with flight simulators or host special events. For anyone that likes to Pilot speeder bikes, this is the ultimate Star Wars vehicle for you.

In the new Star Wars movies one of the most popular characters BB-8 who is a round droid and he gets into many adventures and misadventures. This droid is app-enabled and his movements are authentic. based on your interactions with the droid he will show a range of different expressions and he will perk up when you give him some voice commands. You can control BB-8 yourself or you can have the droid explore autonomously on its own. You can view holographic recordings or create your own. This droid is going to become one of your top companions.

The shell of this device is made with waterproof and tough polycarbonate so it can resist bumps and bangs along the way up. There is a gyroscopic propulsion system with a 30m range. The stand for the droid gives 60 minutes of battery life so you can easily top up BB-8s power supply by putting him back on the droid stand. The Droid is compatible with Force Band so you can control with gestures. There are Android and iOS compatible apps so you can view holographic recordings and use the adaptive personality feature. for anyone that loves this droid, this is the package you want to buy.



R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

Price: $249.95

11 used & new available from $225.00

There is one character you will find in almost all of the Star Wars movies and that is R2-D2. this is the most iconic droid in the entire Star Wars Galaxy. He is a dependable astromech droid and the Star Wars Universe would simply not be the same without this fun, lovable droid.

You can control him via an app using your smartphone or other mobile devices. He comes complete with bright LED lights and authentic sounds. The front legs will retract to go from waddling to driving. using the app you can explore different holographic environments like the Millennium Falcon and take part in the Star Wars Galaxy. There is a 100-foot range with destroyed and you can connect via Bluetooth. You get 1 hour of play on a full charge and there is USB charging. It is easy to Pilot R2-D2 with your app. There is a “Watch With Me” feature which allows you to watch movies from the Star Wars saga with R2-D2 reacting to them by your side. If you're looking for an excellent Star Wars experience, this is the droid for you.


This guide should help you pick a Star Wars drone There are many different drones you can choose from within the Star Wars Universe. You'll have to decide the type of drone you want to Pilot and then base your decision on that. There are larger drones as well as smaller ones. The smaller ones may be more fun to use indoors while the larger ones such as the Millennium Falcon might be a lot of fun outdoors. Whatever drone you buy you're sure to have a lot of fun with these as they are easy to pilot and they give you that authentic Star Wars experience that you crave. Protection Status 

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