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The whole family can have fun with small scale RC Tanks due to the size and simple setup. They are very easy to run, and any family will enjoy using them. While they may not offer the speed that RC cars or RC trucks offer, they remain a good option for younger drivers. The best thing about RC Tanks is that they do not cost as much as the larger RCs are. Here is a rundown of our top picks for the best RC tanks.

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German Tiger I Panzer RC Tank Review by
US M1A2 Abrams Air Soft RC Battle Tank Review by
Storm of the Desert RC Tank Review by

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The Best RC Tanks on The Market

German Tiger I Panzer RC Tank Review by

Cheerwing German Tiger | RC Panzer Tank


If you have ever imagined what it's like to be the bad guys in WWII, here your chance to get into the role. With the to-scale Cheerwing German Tiger model, users can settle into the role perfectly. Its scale is at a ratio of 1:72 at 4 inches long and anybody would notice the attention the makers paid to the details at first glance. The paint job is excellent, the treads on its tracks are so real, and every part of this tank makes it a perfect recreation of the exact tanks used by the Germans during the WWII.

Even though its weight is not more than 60g, it has a solid build and holds its own during intense play. What sets this tank apart from other tanks is the 4-channel remote which allows four people to play at the same time. This feature alone qualifies it to be among the best RC tanks. The turret produces real firing effects and can do a complete 360-degree rotation.

The Cheerwing German Tiger has a very high speed and agility. Anyone who loves speed will enjoy playing with this model. It is small in size and performs better than some of its counterparts. If you are a WWII buff, this is one of the best RC Tanks you should consider.

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Despite its high speed, it offers a fluid control that makes switching control easy in between the speed.
  • It comes in different color options.
  • It is easily accessible.
  • It offers realistic sound, control, and action.
  • The gun barrel is adjustable, and the turret can make a full 360-degree rotation.

US M1A2 Abrams Air Soft RC Battle Tank Review by

Remote Control US M1A2 Abrams RC Tank


This tank that looks just like the M1A2 is the choice of many people because of its features. The sound is the most notable feature as it sounds just like the original tank it is replicating, and the sounds are real. You also get to enjoy two sound effects which you can interchange at will. The turret has a 320-degree turning ability, and it is equipped with the 2.4G system. The tank is capable of advanced level operations, and when you activate the safe mode, the tank gets protected from accidents.

The US MIA2 gives the feel of a real tank from the sound to the engine and motor. It is a real smooth-performing and convenient tank that will bring out the fighter in you.

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • It has a traditional tank design.
  • It has a high speed.
  • Two sound options that can be interchanged.
  • Easily accessible and affordable.

Storm of the Desert RC Tank Review by

This tank is best described as the storm of the desert and is suitable for a real hobbyist because it offers full remote-control functions. This tank requires a bit of effort from you as you have to build it yourself so it could be a fun activity between you and your little son.

It has two powerful motors with which the driver controls the tank over different terrains. You do not have to worry about carpets or short operating range. It also takes 90 minutes to charge, and it delivers excellently. The turret can make a complete 360-degree turn and can combat at full speed in every direction. There is also an educational model which can be used as a valuable history lesson tool for students who have an interest in historical armored vehicles. Another exciting part of this tank is the assembling part. It is the best and realistic way to teach a youngster how to assemble a vehicle.

This tank is made from ABS plastic so you this RC tank is skin-safe, hypoallergenic and durable. It is designed to last long as the ABS plastic it is made from is of high quality. The instructions are well-written even though it might take some time to build, but that's about the most fun part of the tank. The tank is a beautiful machine, but it comes with the condition that you must assemble it first. This is probably not for those who want to get into a battle without building.

  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • It is made from high-quality ABS plastic.
  • It comes with two powerful motors.
  • It has an extended range of distance and can move through various terrains.
  • It charges fast. 

The Zheng Long Pro sedition Russian T-90 RC Tank is capable of performing a 7-way movement, and this is possible because it features a full-function transmitter. It comes with a high-grappling and powerful caterpillar that allows it to climb steep slopes of up to 45 degrees inclination. This full-function transmitter controls all the functions present in this RC Tank. Its turret has a maximum turning angle of 320 degrees for both horizontal turns (left to right) and a vertical turning angle (top to bottom) of 30 degrees. It also has a maximum climbing gradient of 35 degrees which is subject to change depending on the surface it is moving on. It also supports multi-players.

Some of the features include a full-function transmitter, realistic sounds, and recoil action, working LED lights and a rechargeable battery. Its suspension system is realistic as it feels like that of the real tank. Other features include full-scale simulative motor startup sound, super chassis, simulative machine sound, and engine sound and a 2.4 GHz wireless controller.

This is another offering from Henglong British Challenger and is an upgrade to the Challenger 2 tank. This one has a metal gearbox, metal tracks, metal sprocket wheel, and metal idler wheels. It also has a unique hand-painted finish. With this tank, HengLong went entirely British and modern with the design. It is a replica of the Challenger 2 battle tank which is being used by the UK army except that this is more detailed. The firing version comes with the sound generator module and the smoke generator module. It also features a radio system with a frequency of 2.4 GHz which offers increased range and allows more than one tank to be used simultaneously and reliably.

You can control the turret with the radio handset and with the fire button, you can launch one of the BBs. The BBs are made from standard plastic and have a dimension of 6mm. The tracks look realistic as they are made from a connection of single plates. Each of the tracks is controlled by an independent motor which makes it possible for the tank to roll on the spot. Each track wheel also has its suspension system which allows it to perform well off-road. The onboard generator also releases small clouds of smoke from the exhaust which is quite fun to watch. The machine gun sound, the engine sound, and the main gun firing sound are all stimulated by the sound generator.

The tank is quite big with a dimension of 73 cm but still packs a lot of power inside it thanks to its battery pack which has a capacity of 7.2V, 2000mAH. The realistic tire treads help make sure the tank is durable and has excellent traction. The body decals are real, and the airsoft gun has automatic reloading capability. It has a firing range of up to 40 ft, and it can hold up to 40 BBs at a time. It can also fire on motion, and the turret can move in all the four directions as well as the tank. This tank has real treads which enable it to climb surfaces with up to 35 degrees inclination.

How to Choose The Best RC Tank

Before choosing the best RC tank, you have to consider some factors and the most important of them is your intentions and reasons for the tank. This article has focused so far on two types of RC tank drivers – the one looking to have fun (the hobbyist) and the one who is interested in getting into battles.

Let us check out some of the things you should look out for.

Infrared Vs. Airsoft RC Tanks

Infrared RC tanks use infrared to track and register targets. They can also come with a full-fledged battle system that tracks hits and disables the enemy tank as it hits it repeatedly. So, while the airsoft tanks are suitable for battle, Infrared tanks are much better.

Realistic Features and Sounds

An RC driver should have the goal of replicating what the real thing offers to enjoy every bit of it. This is why most RC rivers look at tanks that make sounds when they shoot, tanks that smoke, that have barrel recoil and a host of other realistic features. The goal is to have fun with something close to the real thing so make sure you consider this in your RC tank.

Metal vs. Plastic RC Tanks

This is an argument that exists amongst RC tank enthusiasts. If you are looking for an agile and quick RC tank, a plastic tank may do it for you. However, metal tanks offer more advantages top of which is durability. Metal tanks are undoubtedly more durable than plastic tanks. You should also know that metal tanks are usually more expensive. So, you have to decide which one you want and which one you may have to sacrifice out of Light and Agile or Durable and Expensive.

RC Tank Batteries

Most of the RC tanks that we reviewed in this list come with rechargeable batteries but not all of them have batteries for their receivers. The receiver or control work with batteries too, and you can get them from any store. Your RC tank should have a much-improved battery pack when upgrading it and you should make sure you buy a better charger for it. This will help you make sure you can drive the tank for a longer time and also reduce how long you have to spend waiting for the tank to charge fully.

RC Tank Speed, Controls and Rotation

Some tank barrels rotate 360 degrees while some rotate 300 degrees and this is dependent on the tank's control. Some can rotate fully while some cannot. This rotation control is important during battles as additional wiring has to be passed inside the tank, therefore, making the full-function tanks more expensive. If you are not buying an RC tank for battle purposes, then you do not have any need for a fully-rotating RC tank.

Speed is not exactly a top consideration factor for RC tanks but having multiple speed options is a good deal. This will help you select the best speed when an enemy tank is approaching you.


Many airsoft tanks work with 6mm BBs that you can get from any store around you and some tanks even have ammo included in the box.

Scale Options

The scale is most times important to a hobbyist because it determines how close it is to the size of a real tank. For instance, 1/16 scale is smaller than 1/8 scale but, in most cases, the bigger the scale, the more expensive the RC scale is. Smaller scales are also more preferred because of their easy maneuvering and control during RC battles. Also, many people have 1/16 and 1/24 tanks so, it only makes sense to buy what other people have.

Camouflage and Replicas Options

The way a tank looks cannot be overlooked. There are lots of brilliant camouflage options available, so you have to make sure your RC tank looks the way you like.  There are lots of brands that will have something that you fancy, and if your taste is somewhat unique or unavailable, you can customize your RC tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do RC tanks pose any danger to the user?

RC tanks are not dangerous in any way but you, as the user have to make sure you use it constructively. For an airsoft tank, always keep the BBs away from the reach of babies to avoid any accidents. Also, do not leave your RC tank littering the house to avoid tripping accidents.

Do you need to buy oil in an RC tank?

If your RC tank shoots and smoke then you will need to fill it up with smoke oil. Do not forget that the tank will only smoke after the smoke chamber has warmed up a bit. You can also use oil if you want to keep your unit well-oiled and to ensure that all the parts work well.

Can RC tanks work through any terrain?

Some models can handle any terrain from tiles to carpets and soil while some others can only work on smooth surfaces. Before you buy an RC tank, make sure you find out what terrain it works on best.

How many BBs should I load into an Airsoft tank?

To prevent the system from jamming up, load a maximum of 15 BBs at once. Anything more than this, and you might just be overloading your chamber.

What is the solution to an airsoft tank not shooting?

Try switching it off and on. If it still does not shoot, check if a BB is stuck in the chamber. You can use a compressed air canister to remove the stuck BB.

How do I select the best RC tank?

Selecting the best RC tanks all boils down to your needs and intentions. Are you in search of something to play around with or something to engage in battle?

Are realistic features and sound important?

Some people prefer to have something that feels close to a real tank, so they make sure their RC tank has as many realistic features as possible. Tanks that smoke make realistic sounds when they shoot and even have barrels that recoil appeal more to RC drivers who want to have a wholesome experience of driving a tank. Many people believe that tanks that have realistic features are usually expensive, but this is wrong as these features can be found in just about any basic tank these days.


The world today is run by technology, and RC tanks are not left out of this shift. You can get any model of RC tank with different features in the market today. This is why an in-depth analysis and research are essential before making a final decision on purchasing an RC tank unit. We have highlighted some of the best RC tanks in the market above, and we hope that you will find it easier to make an informed choice by checking through the details and features of the tanks we have researched.

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